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Cat Packages

DPC Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital located in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. We are open 7-days a week and most holidays. Our staff of experienced veterinary professionals are always on-hand to discuss your pet's unique needs. Whether it's a kitten, adult or senior cat we are sure we have a comprehensive package for you.

Cat Vaccination Packages in Fort Lauderdale, FL

DPC Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer a wide range of cat vaccination packages. Regardless of the age of your kitty, we offer a comprehensive and affordable package that will meet you and your kitties needs.

Our kitten packages include a physical examination, booster vaccinations, deworming, fecal flotation (intestinal parasite test), nail trim and a 30-day free trial of pet insurance. We also include a spay or neuter at the time of your kitten's last booster visit. It's everything your furry baby needs when joining your family!

Adult cat packages are available for both indoor and outdoor cats. If you're unsure of what your pet needs you can call one of our experienced staff members for our recommendation today!

Older cats benefit greatly from blood work, which checks for abnormalities in the kidneys and liver, screen for various ailments and infections, and more. We are proud to offer a Senior Wellness screening package that makes diagnostics more affordable for owners with older or potentially ill kitties. Whatever your pet's needs are, we are eager to meet them!

Low Cost Cat Spay & Neuter Packages in Fort Lauderdale, FL

It has always been our goal to advocate spaying and neutering. The importance of altering your pet cannot be understated. Spaying or neutering can prevent such serious issues as aggressive behaviors, certain cancers, unwanted litters/pregnancies, recurrent heat cycles, and an array of infections. Spayed and neutered pets live longer and healthier lives. Generally it is recommended that pets are spayed or neutered at the time of their last booster vaccinations, but it's never too late to schedule the surgery! It could potentially save your pets life down the road!

Our low-cost spaying and neutering services make us a local favorite. We provide quality surgical services 7-days a week at a price that no one can beat. We are proud to provide surgical services for feral cat trappers. For more information on surgical services or to schedule an appointment for a spay or neuter, call our office today!