What Every Florida Pet Owner Should Know About the Importance of Neutering

Each year millions of dogs are euthanized due to overpopulation, there are simply too many dogs and not enough homes. By neutering your dog you will not be contributing to this huge problem. Neutering your pet also has many health benefits. If you dog is neutered before six month of age the chance of him getting testicular cancer is virtually eliminated, and the chance of prostate cancer decreases drastically.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to Neutering

There are two types of Neutering procedures available today through your local South Florida Veterinary Hospital; surgical and non-surgical. Non-surgical neutering is a non-invasive procedure, which is done with light sedation. This allows the pets to go home shortly after the procedure is finished. Using light sedation, a Top Florida Veterinarian, who is specially trained and certified, injects a small amount of Zinc Gluconate (the same compound that is found in Cold Lozenges) into the pet's testicles. The testicles in time will shrink to some degree but will still be visible. Non-Surgical sterilization is permanent and irreversible. It is a great option for pets that are considered too high risk for general anesthesia, or for owners that don’t want to put their pets under general anesthesia. It is also perfect for anyone who would prefer to have their pet get a simple injection versus undergo a surgical procedure. The procedure is safe, painless and there is virtually no down time. This procedure has been performed on thousands of animals around the world with little or no side effects.

Low Cost Neutering Packages in Davie & Ft. Lauderdale are Available

It is important to find a Davie Florida Veterinary Hospital that specializes in neutering. DPC Veterinary Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale offers low cost neutering procedures with veterinarians and staff that are highly experienced in surgical and non-surgical neutering. Call today to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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