The Facts About Ticks From Fort Lauderdale's Top Vet

Ticks are both miserable for your pet and for your household. They can be hard to deal with if the problem isn’t dealt with immediately. But what is a tick, exactly? They are technically classified in the spider family. They are egg laying creatures that feast on the blood of its host; unfortunately this may be your beloved dog. Because cats are constantly grooming and picking off any and all bugs, they do not tend to have a tick on long enough for it to become an issue. Ticks are known to carry a long list of diseases, including Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis. Without treatment, these diseases can lead to the death of your dog. Your dog can get ticks from simply being outside or in contact with another animal that has them. A major source of ticks comes from mulch. The good news is preventive medications work very well. It is important to get your preventative medications through a top Florida veterinarian hospital, like DPC Veterinarian Hospital located in Davie, Fl. Buying products from your trusted veterinarian guarantees the quality of your tick prevention products.

Signs and Symptoms your Dog has Ticks

Ticks range in size from the tip of a needle to the size of raisins. The best way to tell if your dog has ticks is to spot them. Florida veterinarians recommend you comb his or her hair and look for them, they are known to hide in the ears, pads of the feet and anus. Your dog may not express discomfort or irritation, so it is important to be visually observant.

Choose a Pet Hospital in Fort Lauderdale That Specializes in Tick Treatment

Tick prevention comes in the form of topical drops or collars. The drops are given monthly to the back of the neck; these products cover both fleas and ticks. They are the best way to maintain a tick free environment. If your pet does have ticks, prepare for a multi-dimensional approach. Ticks infest their surroundings. Your dog may need a bath and tick removal, which is done through your top Florida veterinarian. This is where the ticks are literally picked off by hand, and the dog is washed with a medicated soap. Once the dog is completely dry from the bath, a tick collar should be applied. These collars are not the same collars you buy in the local store. They are prescription strength collars only available at your local Florida veterinarian hospital. The yard that surrounds your home needs to be sprayed, and the inside of the home needs to be bombed or sprayed for tick removal. It is extremely difficult to completely remove ticks from an environment once infested, that is why the preventive medications are such an important aspect of your pet’s medical maintenance. Contact your trusted Davie, FL veterinarian and inquire about preventive medications if you haven’t all ready.

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