Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping in Fort Lauderdale

What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny device that can be inserted between the pet's shoulder blades using a syringe. It contains an identification number that will be registered to you, the owner. This feature will provide you with irrefutable proof that your pet belongs to you. If ever someone were to try to claim ownership of your pet, a microchip will be a crucial factor in having them returned to you.

The unfortunate reality is that pets frequently can get lost or even stolen. When this happens, it is devastating. A simple microchip can make the difference of getting your pet back or never seeing him/her again. DPC Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer microchip implantation 7-days a week. Your pet's doctor will insert the chip and the front desk staff will assist you in registering your microchip on the premises. Your pet will be registered instantly!

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How Does the Microchip Work?

Through the use of a scanner, the chip which is coded with an identifying number will be matched up to a national database. The database will include your contact information. The service provider will contact you and let you know where your loved one has been found. The microchip does not act as a GPS device, but rather will be traceable anywhere that a microchip scanner is used – the humane society, animal control, shelters, veterinary clinics, and some pet stores.

Remember! It is important to always keep your microchip registration information as current as possible. If you should move, change your name, or update your phone numbers it is important to update the microchip company so that your pet's registration information is kept as up to date as possible.

The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

DPC Veterinary Hospital chooses HomeAgain Microchips which entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Advanced Anti-Migration Microchip
  • Lost Pet Recovery Network
  • Rapid Lost Pet Alerts
  • Personalized Lost Pet Posters
  • 24/7 Medical Care
  • Lost Pet Medical Insurance
  • Covers up to $3000 for medical bills for any injuries your dog or cat suffers while lost
  • Travel Assistance for Found Pets
  • $500 in travel assistance to reunite pets with their owners

If your vet's office is closed or unavailable, you can call the HomeAgain Medical Care Phone Number and be advised on what actions to take.

To book an appointment for microchipping call our Hollywood area office at (954) 516-1654!

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