Hollywood’s Top Vet Explains Why Indoor Dogs & Cats Need Rabies Vaccines

All dogs, cats and ferrets in Hollywood are required by Florida law to have a rabies vaccine, proof of vaccination, and rabies tag from a vet. Having the rabies vaccine eliminates the possibility of other Florida wildlife from spreading rabies to your pet. Most people are unaware that rabies is considered a viral disease and it can be transmitted from species to species.

Hollywood pet hospitals, like DPC Veterinary Hospital, recommend that pets four months of age and older receive a rabies vaccine administered by a licensed veterinarian. Broward county law requires all pets to wear their rabies tag once vaccinated. If your pet is found without their rabies tag on you risk the possibility of a fine.

It is important to note that rabies is a fatal disease for both humans and animals. A bite from an infected animal can easily transmit the disease. It travels through the nervous system causing inflammation to the brain or acute encephalitis, eventually leading to death. Early stages or symptoms include: headache, fever or pain in humans, and unusual behavior in animals. Animals with rabies may be overly friendly, or very aggressive. It can take as long as 3-8 weeks to incubate in dogs and 2-6 weeks in cats.

Vaccinating your pet is easy. Just call today to schedule an appointment. Your pet will get their first vaccine at the visit, another one in a year from the first vaccine, and every three years following.

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