Fort Lauderdale’s Top Dog Massage Therapist Explains the Benefits

Fort Lauderdale’s Top Dog Massage Therapist Explains the Benefits

You love a good massage and you can be sure your dog will as well. For many dog owners especially those with older pets surfing chronic pain canine massage is the ultimate in personalized care. If you are new to canine massage you should know that it is not a new therapy. There is evidence that dogs and other animals have been receiving massages from humans going back nearly 4,000 years. Undoubtedly those early massages were administered to enhance performance or as maintenance. We don't rely on animals to assist us like we did long ago but that doesn't mean that their bodies don't still need our care to give them long, comfortable lives.

Dog massage is not just petting and rubbing but intentional stroking of specific muscle and tissue groups designed to make changes in their physiology and emotional state. An effective canine massage can improve your dog's mood and demeanor, relieve stress and give relief to arthritic joints. You know how good you feel after a massage, your dog will feel the same way.

Benefits of a Fort Lauderdale Canine Massage

Not surprisingly, the benefits of dog massage are not unlike the benefits that humans experience from massage including:

  • Improved mobility, mood and demeanor
  • Improved circulation allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach muscles and tissues not regularly used by your pet.
  • Dog massage boosts endorphin release (natural pain killers released by the brain). Pets with arthritis pain, sprains or simply old age will benefit from this drug free treatment that has no negative side effects.
  • A canine massage will stimulate the lymphatic system increasing filtration and removal of cellular waste products. Further, it will enhance the transportation of nutrients and immune system components to the muscles.

Using a combination of compression and direct pressure a professional dog massage therapist can provide significant relief for dog's suffering from Lyme's disease, hip dysplasia and other conditions that hinder the pet's mobility. However, canine massage does not take the place of professional pet care. It is a drug free therapy but it has its limitations.

If you have questions regarding dog massages in Fort Lauderdale or think your pet can benefit from our expert dog massage therapist at DPC Veterinary Hospital, give us a call now. Your four-legged buddy will be glad you did.