Hollywood FL Area’s Top Vet on Thermography and Pet Pain Treatment

Is Your Pet in Pain and Your Not Sure Why? We May Have the Answer

Pain can be an indicator of many serious conditions such as arthritis, hidden injuries, and sometimes even cancer. Early detection can be life saving for your pet. Since our pets can’t tell us exactly where it hurts, helping them can be a challenge. At DPC we invest in cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology to assist us in caring for your pet in a natural, holistic way. It is our pleasure to announce the newest addition to our multitude of technologies, Digital Thermal Imaging.

Digital Thermal Imaging provides an “on the spot” image that helps locate specific areas of inflammation and/or circulatory issues. Thermography maps and measures radiant energy, (not temperature), which can help your veterinarian precisely identify the location of a problem. It is most often used in conjunction with laser therapy for support of post-surgical healing and treatment of arthritis or wounds. A thermography scan can be done prior to laser therapy to provide a “map” of an affected area, and then again after treatment to determine the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

Thermography and Alternative Therapies at DPC

Thanks to significant advances in veterinary science over the last decade, many modalities previously available only in human medicine have been adapted to the veterinary field. We can now apply these life changing alternative therapies when treating our four legged patients.

DPC is proud to offer the following alternative and holistic services:

DPC Veterinary Hospital is the number one resource for alternative medicine for pets in the Hollywood area. Interested in drug free pain treatment for your pet? Call us now to arrange an appointment for your four-legged friend with one of our highly trained Veterinarians.

Now through the end of January 2018, DPC is offering Digital Thermal Imaging for just $12 when used with any exam through January 2018