Davie Vet Says Bad Dog and Cat Breathe Nothing to Laugh About

Most likely your pets dental health was not part of your 2012 resolution. DPC Vet and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) are here to help change that because February is National Pet Dental Health Month.  According to the AVMA, “The odor from your pet’s mouth, might signify a serious health risk”.

Learn More About Dog & Cat Dentistry From Your Local South Florida Veterinarian

We know that most humans brush their teeth every day, but very few dog and cat owners do the same for their pets.  Most people really have no idea how important dental health is for their pets.  That’s why DPC celebrates February as Pet Dental Health Month and offers 10% off Pet Teeth Cleaning in Davie, Florida.  Our South Florida Vet’s office will send you home with instructions, tips and the tools on how to brush your pet’s teeth.

What Should I Be Doing About My Pet’s Teeth as a Florida Pet Owner?

Pets like humans can get cavities. Your pet’s teeth should be cleaned at least twice a week.  Dry food and hard bones or treats are also a way to keep your pet’s teeth healthier.
If your pet has bad breathe, chances are they are suffering from plaque build up.  If left untreated, this can lead to bacteria infection, and can spread through the bloodstream and cause problems with the liver, kidney, heart and even the brain.
Cleaning your pet’s teeth is really not that hard, with the right supplies.  It’s much easier than it sounds.

Don’t Use Human Toothpaste on Your pet!

Our Davie, Florida Vet’s office offers a full range of cat and dog toothpaste.  Remember, your pet can’t spit, and human toothpaste is not edible.  You can purchase toothpaste that are edible for dogs and cats.  Many flavors are available, so find one your pet likes and they will most likely be happy to let you brush their teeth.  A beefy brushing will be a good treat for your pup.

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