Why Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats Are Important

Just as it is important for humans to have certain vaccinations in life, it is important for your pets as well. Vaccinations protect dogs and cats from contacting diseases that can sometimes be fatal. Vaccines for dogs such as parvovirus, distemper, and even lyme disease build up a resistance in the animals immune system in case they are exposed to these viruses. Cat vaccines like rabies and leukemia build up immunities against dangerous viruses.

It is extremely important to have your cat or dog vaccinated not only for the animal’s sake, but for their human owners. Diseases like rabies can be transmitted to other animals as well as to humans. When a dog or cat contracts one of these preventable diseases, it is often very expensive and painful to the animal to treat them. Vaccines are a great method of prevention to keep your dog or cat healthy. In the State of Florida, all cats and dogs 4 months of age or older must be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian again rabies.

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations are Available in South Florida

Lucky for us, there are low cost vaccines to help prevent life-threatening diseases. In South Florida, we are required by law to vaccinate our dogs and cats. Low Cost Cat and Dog Vaccination Packages are available for pets of all ages at places like DPC Veterinary Hospital in Davie, Florida. An experienced vet will offer multiple low cost packages for dogs ranging from Puppy Packages to Senior Packages. For cats, choose a vet whose packages range from Kittens to Senior Wellness Packages.

Ask your vet to help you to best determine a vaccination schedule for your dog or cat. It will depend on the age of the animal, medical history and lifestyle. At DPC Packages for cats start as low as $64, for an Exam, Fecal test, FVRCP Vaccine and Rabies Vaccine. For Dogs, you can get a low cost package of an Exam, Fecal Test, Bordetella Vaccine, Heartworm Test, DA2PP Vaccine and Rabies Vaccine for only $102.75.

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