What Every Davie Cat Owner Needs to Know About Declawing Their Cat

It is important to understand that declawing is not a simple procedure. In fact, it is a major surgery. A declaw should only be done when absolutely necessary, and is not a one size fits all answer for each cat and their owners when it comes to nail related issues. The surgical process for declaws is quite intensive. It is a common misconception that a declaw means the toenail is removed in such a way where it will not grow back. This is incorrect. The surgery entails removing, essentially, the last joint from each toe of your cat. It is important to explore other non-invasive options before choosing the declaw route. This can be discussed with you trusted South Florida Veterinarian. Understand that if you decide to declaw your cat, there are places that encourage you to do so at an optimal age to reduce trauma. The older the cat is, the more painful the healing process will be, and the harder it will be for him to adjust. Some Veterinarian Hospitals, like DPC Veterinarian Hospital, in Davie, FL, encourage you to declaw you cat only as a last resort and before he/she becomes an adult.

Choose a Davie, FL Veterinary Hospital Experienced in Declawing

It is important that you choose a local Hollywood, FL Veterinarian that has vast experience in declawing cats. Because this is a major surgery and your cat will need to stay overnight, you need to find a veterinarian with extensive knowledge who is equally competent as they are experienced. DPC Veterinary Hospital also provides private duty nurses whose sole responsibility is to care for hospitalized patients and to be the liaison between the doctor and the owner. The private duty nursing staff at DPC Animal Clinic is on duty seven days a week and will be in contact with you daily while your pet is hospitalized. Call to discuss the option of declawing your cat with your local trusted Veterinary Hospital.

Keep in Mind

-Be mindful that once your precious kitty has been declawed, it no longer able to defend itself. This means your cat should no longer be allowed outside, as they may have a run in with a feral or stray and get seriously injured. Your cat now relies on you one hundred percent of the time for protection.

-Remember, declawing is a last resort and is not the right answer for all cat owners. It has been banned in many countries around the world as it is considered inhumane. Be sure not to make a hasty decision about declawing your cat. Discuss other options with your Davie, FL Veterinarian such as Soft Paws, appropriate scratching posts, and behavior modification.

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