Davie Florida’s Top Vet Explain How to Potty Train Your Dog

Having a new puppy or adopting a dog that is not potty trained to use the great outdoors can be challenging, but rewarding.  You will need to remain patient and calm in order to successfully potty train your dog.

DPC Veterinarian Hospital in Davie recommends taking your dog out between 5-30 minutes from the time your dog wakes up or eats.  This is a good time to go to an area where they can eliminate.  Find a designated spot for your dog to go potty outside. Dogs by nature will go where they smell their own territory.  Stay calm and quiet until the dog goes to the bathroom in that area.  This may take several a few minutes or hours the first few times, but after that, the dog will normally go outdoors.  If the dog does go, give praise, treats or a nice pet to let him or her know you are happy. If you are crate training or plan to be gone longer than 3 hours, consider a dog walker or paper lining to reduce cleanup.

This Davie Vet, also wants you to know that there are signs such as sniffing the ground, crouching or moving in circles that can help you as a pet owner to know when your dog needs to go outside.  When you see these signs, take him or her outside to the designated spot.  By taking your dog to the same spot over and over, eventually it will smell it’s own scent.

If you discover an accident in your home, stay calm and remember your dog is still learning and is not trying to make you angry.  Take the dog outside calmly to the place where you want him or her to go. Done correctly, the process of potty training your dog doesn’t have to be stressful, they will learn to use the outdoors with patience and approval from you.

For more tips on potty training your dog, make an appointment with a Davie, Florida veterinarian hospital today.

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