Davie Florida’s Top Vet Explain What Foods are Toxic for Your Dog?

Are you one of those pet owners that can’t resist those big beautiful dog eyes so you slip a little treat in your pet’s mouth? Well, what you are feeding Fido or Fifi might actually be dog poisoning. Some of the foods we treat our dog with are just seriously dangerous. Many types of foods you might already be aware of, and others may not be so easy to detect to pet owners.

As a Vet Clinic in Davie Florida, DPC Veterinary Hospital sees many cases of dog poisoning each year. What pet owners often learn is that they might have been the one committing the accidental crime.

DPC says items to stand very clear of are foods like Chocolate and Caffeine. These ingredients if ingested can cause symptoms like throwing up, diarrhea, coma or death. Chocolate contains stimulants that are very toxic to your dog. Another food item people love to feed their dogs in the morning or for snacks is grapes or raisins. But, keep in mind it takes only 4-5 grapes or raisins each 20 pounds to most likely send your dog into kidney failure or supportive care.

Most people are probably already aware that onions and garlic are another source of dog poisoning. So no feeding your dog Italian foods like spaghetti or pizza. Also stay away from feeding your dog Chinese foods or baby foods that contain onion as well. hey can also lead to dog poisoning.

DPC Veterinary Hospital and many other dog lovers will tell you to also avoid foods like the ones listed below.

  • Nuts especially Macadamia which can lead to bladder stones
  • Candy or gum results in low blood sugar and liver damage
  • Mushrooms – most types are toxic, just avoid
  • Raw fish with can result in Vitamin B deficiencies if fed often
  • Cat food high in protein and fats which are not good for dogs
  • Milk – if you want your dog to drink milk, use Lactose-free for pets
  • Bones from fish or chicken can cause obstructions in intestines

If your dog shows signs of panting, weakness, rapid heart rate, convulsions, vomiting, depression or skin irritation, you need to bring them to a vet like DPC for treatment. This may be due to dog poisoning caused by something your dog ate.

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