Dog with toothbrush

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Once you begin brushing your dog’s teeth, the difference in the next few weeks will be apparent. If you do not brush your dog’s teeth, tartar build up can cause cavities and problems, just like in a human’s mouth. It’s just as important to have good animal health.

The biggest concern most pet owners have is they have never brushed the dog’s teeth before, so why start now? Or my dog is much too nervous or hypertensive to brush their teeth.

The steps to cleaning your dog’s teeth are simple. First be sure you have all the right material prepared ahead of time. Choose a toothbrush for dogs. You can pick one up from you local pet shop or an animal health clinic like DPC. Some people even choose to use a homemade toothbrush by wrapping gauze around their finger.

Next apply a small amount of toothpaste to the brush. The toothpaste can again be purchased from a pet supply store or even homemade. Never use human toothpaste, and be careful if you are using a homemade recipe as the wrong ingredients can harm your dog

It’s best to take the next step of making sure your dog is in a relaxed state of mind so they will be comfortable with you cleaning their teeth. So find a position that is not threatening and where you can easily reach your dog’s mouth. Try not to stand over your dog, and try not to hold it down. It might take a couple of times to test the dog, but in most cases, they will let you in their mouth. Try letting the dog just lick the toothpaste the first time and if not, try a flavored one available at most pet stores.

If the dog is calm, lift his upper lip and begin using circular motions with the brush at a 45* angle, clean both the teeth and the gums for the best dental care. Continue this procedure on each tooth and then the same on the bottom teeth.

If you are unable to clean your dog’s teeth alone try having another person around to keep them calm. And if that doesn’t work, look for advice from your veterinary clinic. Either way, find a way to take care of your pets dentistry, so that you don’t have to worry about serious infection caused from bacteria and tartar buildup.

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