What are Ear Hematomas

Ear Hematomas are blood blisters, or blood filled sacs that occur on the ears of dogs and cats. They most often are due to the scratching of the ear flap which can cause irritation and swelling of tiny blood vessels which then can leak small amounts of blood into the lining of the ear. Hematomas can develop over a period of time due to a chronic ear infection, or can occur within a matter of hours due to an irritation such as ear mites, allergies, bug bites or stings. Blood blisters look like swollen red blood pockets on the inside of the ear; if your dog develops a swollen ear, contact your trusted Davie Veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible. If left untreated the ear will turn hard and twist up into what many refer to as a cauliflower ear. Once this happens it cannot be repaired and the pet can have chronic problems.

Ear Hematomas Treatment and Prevention

Treatment is typically in the form of surgery. If you're in a South Florida it is crucial that you go to Veterinarian who has experience is treating ear hematomas to ensure your pet will be in safe hands. The surgery entails opening the blood blister, draining and suturing the ear to ensure a reoccurrence will not happen again. If you dog has chronic ear infections, it is important to get prescribed medications from a Ft. Lauderdale Veterinarian, this can aid in the prevention of future ear hematomas.

What Ft. Lauderdale Dog Owners Need to Know About Ear Blisters

Ear hematomas are quite common, especially in 'floppy eared' dogs, and although they can be annoying to your pet and unsightly, they are not life threatening. It is important to take proper steps to prevent ear hematomas such as making sure your pets ears are clean and infection free. If one does occur act quickly so it doesn't get worse due to pawing or violently shaking of the head. If your dog has chronic ear infections, make sure to talk to your trusted Veterinarian Hospital, like DPC Veterinary Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale.

According to PetMeds, Hematomas are collections of blood within the cartilage flap of the ear canals

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According to a YouTube video by eHow, treating a dog's ear hemotoma involves visiting a veterinarian

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