How to Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet From Davie Fl’s Top Veterinarian

If you have ever seen a cat use a human toilet you’ve probably asked yourself (or the owner), how did they learn to do that? Or how can I teach my cat to do that? DPC, a Davie Veterinarian says the studies show it takes five or more months to achieve this goal.

To start you need to take your cats litter box into the bathroom. If you only have one bathroom, this is going to make the family dynamics change due to the process.

After the box has been in the bathroom for a few days and kitty can find it, get a couple of large books and raise the box higher next to the toilet. Please make sure that whatever you use to make the box higher is safely stable, you don’t want to come home to a big mess on your bathroom floor. Every few days or so make the box a little higher, and if the cat will not go, don’t force it. Lower the box down again and start all over. Try to get the cat used to jumping up to use the box. Davie Veterinarians know that this can take a lot of time as the animal can get confused or scared. Let your furry feline tell you when it’s time to progress, don’t rush the process!

Once you have the litter box on a crate or something almost parallel with the toilet it is time to move to the bigger steps. Remove all the boxes, books, crates etcetera and put the litter box right on top of the toilet set. This is where the family dynamics come in, as now if there is only one toilet everyone has to remove the box and put it back on the toilet when they are done.

According to DPC, a Davie Veterinarian if you get the cat this far, they may be willing to go all the way. Move onto the next step by purchasing an strong aluminum cooking pan and some flushable litter. It is very important the litter is as regular litter it can clog your toilets and wreck havoc later, so find the right litter. Also make sure the aluminum pan is strong enough to hold your cat. You don’t want your kitty to fall through or drown. If you have the right litter and pan, then put the pan in the open toilet and close the lid to hold it in place.

If the cat uses the box on the top of the toilet with no problems, then start slowly cutting a hole with a scissor or knife to create a small hole in your aluminum pan. The first hole should be no larger then a pencil or a pen can make. Patience is very important now, so only continue if your cat gives you all the clues to proceed. If your pet approves and seems comfortable, then give it a few days and start making the hole a little larger by an ¼ to ½ inch every several days. If the cat is using the toilet and is not spooked then continue putting the litter in the pan and make the hole bigger. Ultimately making in so large there is no aluminum pan left. Davie Veterinarians know that if this training is done slowly and patiently, it will be easy street for you with no more litter boxes to clean.

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