Davie FL’s Top Veterinarian Explains the Importance of Neutering Strays

There are options for low cost stray cat neutering available in Broward County. And, if you live in zip codes 33019, 33309, 33311 or 33312 these stray cats can be neutered free. These four zip codes are under a special program with PetsMart where they have granted funds for free roaming cat sterilization. If you are interested, call Davie Veterinary Clinic, DPC at (954) 516-1654 for more information.

Neutering and Spaying does save lives by reducing over population of free roaming cats. If these animals cannot reproduce, the rate of euthanasia at shelters and clinics is reduced as well. If you are not included in the zip codes above, but are looking for low cost neutering for a stray cat, DPC Veterinary Hospital knows the importance of and provides rates that fit most budgets. If you are looking for a Davie veterinary clinic that offers low cost neutering for your pet, DPC offers quality and caring veterinary services, along with diagnostic and wellness programs that you can trust.

Open 7 days a week our professional staff of veterinarians are committed to high standards of exceptional pet care. These highly skilled doctors will address any questions or concerns you have about neutering your stray cat. Our Davie veterinary clinic will prepare you with all the medications and instructions after surgery.

Whether you need to spay or neuter a stray cat or your own pet, DPC Veterinary Hospital is a Davie veterinary clinic you can count on. Call us at 954-989-9879 or look online at www.dpc.devsrm.com for low cost neutering for your stray today!