Veterinary Clinic in Davie : Diagnostic Service : Pharmacy

DPC - The Davie Veterinary Clinic With Comprehensive Diagnostic and Lab Service Onsite

At our Davie veterinary clinic we understand that when your pet is ill or injured you want to ease their discomfort as quickly as you can. That's one of the reasons why we stay open seven days a week offering a full line of veterinary care including surgery. Our veterinarians have the finest reputations practicing in Florida and the support services that assist them are onsite and comprehensive.

Those onsite support services, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a full service lab are the reasons our vets can quickly diagnose a condition and begin treatment. Our goal is to provide the best veterinary care in the Davie area and we believe that our comprehensive approach to veterinary care is the best way to achieve that objective.

Saving Time Hastens the Healing

Take a moment and think about the last time you visited your doctor and had to have "lab work" done. If you were lucky the specimen was taken during your office visit and then shipped off to lab. If you weren't so lucky you had to go to a lab yourself where it is typically first come first served. In either case you had to wait for the results and your doctor is limited to treating symptoms rather than curing the condition.

Outsourcing lab work is just as common in veterinary care. Having our own lab that can do blood work, heartworm testing etc. and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment like digital x-ray and our new ultrasound machine gives our vets the information they need to start corrective treatment almost immediately. In addition, all information including test results, radiographs and sonograms are electronically added to your pet's file for future reference.

If your pet's treatment includes a medication or special diet our full service onsite pharmacy is fully stocked to meet all of your pet's prescription needs. For your convenience, you can order refills from our online veterinary pharmacy and have them promptly shipped to your home.

We care about your pets like they were our own. We are staffed by talented vets and technicians who are all pet owners themselves. We love what we do and want your dog or cat to receive the same kind of care we give our own four legged friends.