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Why DPC Is a Favorite Veterinary Clinic Near Davie

Many people call DPC their favorite Florida veterinary clinic in Davie and with good reason. DPC offers that perfect combination of exceptionally talented veterinarians and technicians, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic veterinary technologies, the convenience of 7 day a week service and most of all, the sincere, caring attitude of the entire staff who treats your pet like they were their own.

The vets practicing at DPC Veterinary Hospital are some of the best in Florida and they have the state-of-the-art tools and technologies needed for timely diagnosis and treatment of your dog or cat. When your pet is hurting you want to ease their discomfort as quickly as possible.

At DPC there is no need to go to a diagnostic specialist for ultrasound or digital x-ray and there is no waiting for results to come back from an outsourced veterinary lab. DPC is fully equipped and staffed to handle any veterinary medical issue from shots to major surgery.

Our Concern is Your Pet's Total Health

While we are prepared to handle any veterinary event from emergencies to surgeries, our goal is to promote pet health through preventive care. Many of the diseases that were the bane of both cats and dogs can now be prevented through vaccines. Keeping your pet's shots up to date is an important step in keeping your four legged friend healthy for many years.

To make it easy for owners to keep current on vaccinations we have created a number of discounted vaccine packages allowing almost everyone to take care of their pet regardless of their budget. The packages include a comprehensive exam and fecal test as well as the shots.

Puppies, Kittens and Seniors

Young pets and older pets have special health needs and at DPC we have discounted packages for both young and older pets. Our puppy and kitten packages include everything to get your pet started on a long healthy life including spaying or neutering. Senior pets have "wellness programs" with emphasis on diet and blood work.

In short, DPC Veterinary Hospital is a comprehensive veterinary care facility whose objective is to keep the community's pet population healthy by providing expert services at affordable prices. We understand how important your "furry" family member is to you and we want to help you in keeping him or her in perfect health for a very long time.