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DPC - A Favorite Veterinary Clinic Near Pembroke Pines

DPC Veterinary Hospital has a reputation as a favorite Florida veterinary clinic in the Pembroke Pines area for a number of reasons including comprehensive services, advanced technology, seven day a week office hours and discounted pet health packages; but the main reason is the level of personal attention and care each pet receives from our staff.

Our veterinarians and technicians are some of the finest practicing in Florida and you can be assured that your pet is receiving top notch care. Being pet owners themselves, they bring a loving, caring touch and treat your pet like they would their very own. All pets are typically anxious when they come to the vet and that extra pat on the head or rub on the belly can significantly lower their stress level.

Our staff reflects the attitude and commitment that DPC Veterinary Hospital has to provide professional, affordable pet health care for the community. We've got the right people and they have the very latest in veterinary tools and technology to deliver the finest care.

Comprehensive Care Provided by DPC Veterinary Clinic

That "very latest" onsite technology includes:

  • Ultrasound. An excellent non-invasive diagnostic tool for examining soft tissue.
  • Digital x-ray. Radiographs are developed directly to the veterinarian's computer and added to your pet's permanent digital file for reference.
  • Laser Therapy. A "drug free" alternative for treating pet pain, laser therapy also encourages faster healing after surgery.
  • Onsite Laboratory. The faster the vet can get results from lab tests the faster he or she can treat your pet. Our lab routinely processes heartworm tests, complete blood counts, blood-chemistry panels, urinalysis and fecal examinations eliminating the need to wait for an outside lab to send results.
  • Onsite Pharmacy. For your convenience DPC offers a fully stocked veterinary pharmacy. Refills can be ordered online.

Having advanced technologies onsite allows our vets to diagnose and treat your pet in a timely fashion easing his or her discomfort quickly.

If you are looking for a vet  for your pet, why not call our office and learn for yourself why so many people in Pembroke Pines are calling DPC their favorite Florida veterinary clinic.