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Fort Lauderdale pet owners have a favorite Florida veterinary clinic and its name is DPC Veterinary Hospital located in nearby Davie. DPC has earned this reputation by providing professional, affordable veterinary health care to dogs and cats (and even rabbits) living with their owners in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

DPC is a full service veterinary hospital staffed with some of the finest doctors and technicians in the state and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies. Our objective is to provide the pet population with the health care they require to live long, loving lives with their owners.

We understand that many pet owners find it difficult to schedule time to get their pets into the vet for simple, although critical, care like updating vaccinations. Others are sometimes challenged finding room in their budgets to pay for veterinary care. To reduce these barriers to pet health we offer the following:

  • Our clinic and hospital are open seven days a week including most holidays. Our hours are Monday through Saturday 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. By providing full services seven days per week we give pet owners more opportunities to find the time for an appointment.
  • DPC has an onsite, fully stocked veterinary pharmacy. If your pet is prescribed medication it can be filled and delivered at the end of your appointment. We are one of the very few veterinary clinics to operate an online pharmacy. This is a great convenience for getting refills or ordering special diets or tick and flea treatments.
  • Another time and cost saver is our onsite veterinary laboratory. Our hospital does not have to rely on waiting for results from outsourced labs. The lab can provide timely results to the vet and routinely handles heartworm tests, complete blood counts, blood-chemistry panels, urinalysis and fecal examinations.
  • Finally, to address the cost of pet care, we have developed a number of discounted packages for puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats and senior pets. These packages bundle basic services (including spaying and neutering) and are offered at a significant discount to encourage pet owners to seek the health care that their pets need.

By making professional veterinary services more accessible and affordable, we feel confident that pet health services will reach more of the Fort Lauderdale pet population and you too will be calling DPC your favorite Florida veterinary clinic.