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Pet Laser Therapy for Senior Pets

Pet owners in Fort Lauderdale can now help their senior pets put a little bounce back in their step thanks to pet laser therapy available from DPC Veterinary Clinic in Davie. If you have an older pet the odds are 1 in 5 that it has or will develop arthritis. Even if your senior dog or cat doesn't develop arthritis, the tissue surrounding their joints will have deteriorated simply as part of the aging process. When walking or running becomes difficult, most pets will react by becoming less active and slowing down to avoid the discomfort.

If you are not familiar with laser therapy as a veterinary treatment it may surprise you that your pet can now receive the same treatment that professional athletes received for strained knees, elbows, shoulders and backs. Laser therapy has been used for decades because of its restorative qualities but it has only recently been adapted for veterinary use.

For the conditions that pet laser therapy can treat, the advantages over alternative treatments are many. There are no special preparations before treatment (no fasting, shaving of fur/hair etc.), the process is noninvasive (the laser wand doesn't touch the pet), results are almost instantaneous and there are no side effects. Compare that to surgical procedures or drug therapies.

How the Pet Laser Works

The laser sends "packets of light energy" into deep tissue at the cellular level without damaging the cells. The light energy is absorbed by the cells and causes a chemical change resulting in the production of ATP, a substance that fuels the rejuvenation and repair of cells. The more ATP produced, the more healthier cells there are, and the more healthier cell there are, the healthier the pet becomes.

The actual treatment involves a vet setting the laser for the condition being treated and then taking a flashlight sized applicator and moving it over the affected area. The pet feels soothing warmth and relaxes much like you would during a massage.

Sessions vary in length but are typically short and the results are immediate. Your dog or cat will be friskier than before and if there was any pain in the joints it will be gone.

To learn if pet laser therapy can help your senior pet give us a call and make an appointment for an evaluation.