Laser therapy

Hollywood FL Vet Explains the Benefits of Pet Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy in Hollywood FL

If your older cat or dog has is in pain or has lost some of the bounce in its step consult a Hollywood, FL vet and discuss the appropriateness of pet laser therapy. Laser therapy has been around for decades for humans and is used to treat athletes for back strain, sore shoulders, knee pain and other ailments. Today the same treatment that NFL pros routinely receive in the locker room is now available for dogs and cats.

If you have an older pet the odds are 1 in 5 that it will develop arthritis but even if it doesn't the tissue around joints will start to deteriorate as part of the natural aging process. In either case your pet will slow down simply to avoid the pain associated with arthritis or "creaky joints." Laser therapy can rejuvenate those tissues at the cellular level bringing instant relief from discomfort and providing the foundation for healthy cell growth.

How Pet Laser Therapy Works

Lasers are amazingly useful devices for a wide range of diverse tasks including bouncing signals off satellites, slicing metal, precise microsurgery, and in the case of pets, cellular rejuvenation. Lasers are essentially sources of "light energy" that can be tuned to perform specific tasks.

In veterinary use, a small handheld laser emitter is passed over the affected area of the pet by a trained veterinarian delivering "light energy packets." This energy is absorbed by the damaged cells triggering the production of ATP, a substance that fuels the rejuvenation and repair of cells. The more ATP produced the faster the cells are rejuvenated.

For your pet this is a relaxing, no stress experience similar to the way you feel when getting a massage. Your pet will feel a healing warmth and some dogs have been known to get so relaxed they fall asleep. For discomfort associated with arthritis or aging tissue the results are almost immediate and your pet will leave the vet feeling much better than he or she felt when they arrived.

Laser therapy has significant advantages over other treatments. There is no preparation required, no shaving of fur or fasting, obviously no surgical procedure is needed and it is far safer and more desirable than a drug therapy.

If you would like to give your four legged buddy relief from the creaks and pains of getting older, give DPC Veterinary Clinic, a Hollywood favorite pick for animal care a call today for details or to set an appointment.