Microchipping Pets in Hollywood FL | Veterinarian

Give Your Hollywood FL Pet a Permanent ID Card by Microchipping

Microchipping your pet in Hollywood is a quick and simple procedure. At DPC Veterinary Hospital in nearby Davie, our veterinarians simply inject the microchip (about the same size as a grain of rice) under your pet's skin located between its shoulders. The process is very similar to a regular inoculation and your pet will act no differently as it does when getting its shots.

At DPC we use the HomeAgain microchip and lost pet service because we believe that it offers the best value and is the most effective of the microchipping services. The HomeAgain chip is a permanent ID for your pet and will literally last a lifetime. The chip contains a unique identification number that is registered with HomeAgain with your pet's name and owner contact information. The chip can be "read" with a low frequency scanner which all shelters and veterinarians (about 50,000 nationwide) have.

Another nice feature of the HomeAgain chip is that it has a patented anti-migration feature that keeps the chip in place. Some chips will "slip" from their location making it difficult for a scanner to read. In fact given the work load at most shelters, if the chip can't be read between the shoulders then the shelter often assumes the pet is not chipped.

You Play the Most Important Role in Getting Your Lost Pet Back

While microchipping a pet would appear to be an ideal way to identify lost or injured pets, many chipped pets go unidentified. The sad fact is that there are many more chipped pets than there are chipped pets with valid registration information.

When you have your pet microchipped at DPC our staff will assist you in setting up your registration on HomeAgain. We'll also show you how to enter changes to that information if you move, change a phone number or have any other changes in contact info. It's very important that this record be kept current and you are the only person who can insure that it is.

While we all hope our pets never get lost or injured away from home, giving them a way to tell the shelter or veterinarian where they live and who their "parents" are can go a long way in ensuring a happy reunion.