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Microchipping Pets in Ft. Lauderdale – Answers to Pet Owner Questions

Occasionally we talk to a Ft. Lauderdale pet owner who has some misconceptions when it comes to microchipping pets so we thought we would take this opportunity to share some facts about what chips can and cannot do.

  • Microchips can track a lost pet. That's not true. The chip has no internal power source or GPS function. The chip only contains a unique number identifying your pet. The chip is "read" by a low frequency scanner that all animal control facilities, rescue shelters and veterinarians have. Because there is no power source there is no battery to replace. Your pet's chip is literally his or her ID for life.
  • Imbedding a chip requires surgery. This is also not true. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin between the pet's shoulders using a syringe. There is no anesthesia required. The process is almost identical to administering vaccines and your pet will react the same way it does when getting shots.
  • My dog has ID on his collar. All pets should have collar ID (no pun intended) but collars can slip off or be removed. Tattoos are another method of permanent identification but may blur over the years. The microchip is a forever form of identification.
  • What are the chances of the pet actually being found and scanned? That's a good question and there is no valid scientific answer. However, at DPC Veterinary Hospital we use HomeAgain as our microchipping partner and they have an extensive network of rescue shelters, veterinarians and volunteers that are immediately notified when a pet is reported missing. Once you report the pet missing, HomeAgain will send a flash message including date/time/location of when the pet went missing along with a description and even a photo to everyone in the network within a 25 mile radius of your home or known location when the pet disappeared.
  • Microchipping is expensive. Not true. At DPC we microchip pets for $40.00 and that includes the first year's registration on HomeAgain. From there it's about $17.00 a year for the lost pet service.

We hope this is helpful if you are thinking about chipping your pet. If you have questions call us today and we will be happy to answer them.