The Facts About Parvo in Dogs From the Pembrook Pines Area’s Top Vet

Parvo is a very contagious viral illness that affects unvaccinated puppies and dogs. Unvaccinated dogs are at high risk of picking up the highly contagious virus by coming in contact with feces from an infected dog. Contact with infected dog feces can occur while taking your dog for a walk or going to the park. It is even possible for the owner to unknowingly bring the Parvo virus into their home on their shoes. Puppies may be exposed to the virus if they have been adopted from breeding kennels or shelters. They can also become infected by direct contact with an infected dog.

Parvo Treatment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

It’s important to find a Pembroke Pines Veterinarian that understands the importance of parvovirus vaccinations in young puppies. Without prevention the puppies and dogs are at high risk of obtaining the illness. Prevention is in the form of vaccinations, for puppies they need to be vaccinated starting at six-eight weeks old for their first shot, and boosters every three weeks until they are four months old, roughly 3-4 shots total. For dogs with unknown vaccination history they need to get two vaccines, three weeks apart. Both dogs and puppies then need a yearly Parvo vaccine to keep them up to date.

Infected puppies and dogs will have the following symptoms: bloody diarrhea, loss of weight, no appetite, fever, vomiting, and lethargy. If your pet shows any of these signs they need to see a veterinarian pembroke pines immediately. Lack of treatment will often lead to death.

Treating Parvo in dogs is crucial in order to increase the odds of survival. Experienced Florida Veterinarians will treat Parvo infected dogs with IV fluids to rehydrate the fluids your pet has lost from diarrhea and vomiting. They are given injectable medications to stop vomiting, nausea, pain medication (as Parvo is very painful), and antibiotics, amongst other drugs.

Choose a Florida Veterinary Clinic Experienced in Treating Parvo

It is important to find a Florida Veterinarian who has experience in treating Parvo. DPC Veterinarian Hospital in Davie, FL, has a private isolation room for Parvo infected dogs, along with private-duty nurses whose sole purpose is to keep your pet comfortable and care for their every need. Parvo infected dogs need care seven days a week, it is important to find a South Florida Veterinary Hospital that is open all seven days. Many Florida Veterinary Clinics close on Sundays, however, DPC Veterinary Hospital, located in Davie, understands that pets don’t only get sick during the business week therefore they are open regular hours seven days a week.

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