What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Fleas From Davie Florida’s Top Vet

Fleas are tiny little wingless insects that unfortunately are everywhere. Florida has that hot and humid climate that fleas love to breed in! Your pet, even if it is an indoor pet, is not safe without preventive medications. Fleas jump from one animal to another, and your animal can pick them up from just a short walk outside. Although fleas are small, they can be very dangerous, that is why DPC Veterinarians and other Florida Veterinarians alike encourage you to learn about the preventive medications that will keep your beloved pets healthy.

3 Signs Your Pet May Have Fleas

  • Your pet is itching excessively, constantly scratching, and biting at his or her own skin
  • You notice sand or dirt in your pet’s coat. This could actually be ‘Flea dirt’, the insect’s fecal matter
  • Your pet is losing hair or has noticeable skin irritation

Choose a Davie Florida’s Veterinary Clinic That Specializes in Flea Treatment

It is important that you find a Florida Veterinarian Hospital that specializes in flea treatment. DPC Veterinary Hospital has trained knowledgeable staff that will help you find the best preventive medications at affordable prices for your pet. At DPC Veterinary Hospital their trained staff understands the dangers of fleas. Untreated prolonged exposure to fleas can cause anemia and even death.

Reliable Preventives to ask your Florida Vet about:

  • Comfortis—An oral pill for dogs, not only is this a great preventive, but it will also kill almost one hundred percent of fleas within the first thirty minutes, and will work for 30 days.
  • Capstar—An oral pill, for both cats and dogs. This pill starts working immediately but only lasts for 24 hours. It is great for a quick kill but needs to be followed up with a topical.
  • Advantix—Topical preventive for dogs, this prevents fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Advantage Multi—Topical preventive for dogs that prevents fleas, internal parasites, heartworms, as well as ear mites and mange.

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