3 Tips On Dog Cat Heartworm Prevention From Davie Florida's Top Vets

What is heartworm exactly? They are parasitic worms that live in the lungs and heart of an infected animal. It is spread by misquotes through their bites and can potentially be fatal and extremely expensive to treat medically through a veterinary clinic. Taking preventive measures are a great, affordable investment for the well-being of your pet. Part of prevention is preventative medicine, which is available through your local Florida Veterinary Hospital. Below are three tips on Heartworm prevention to keep your pets safe and healthy!

  • Get your pet tested for Heartworms yearly, this is done through your veterinarian with a simple blood test

  • Call or visit your veterinarian clinic to discuss what preventative medications will best suit your pet, then administer them properly

  • Don’t skip a month, or forget to buy more when you run out! A simple way to remember is to mark your calendar the same day each month with a heart

Choose a Davie Florida's Veterinary Clinic That Specializes in Heartworm Prevention

Pets living in South Florida are unfortunately exposed to Heartworms year round since it is the perfect climate and breeding zone for them. Our beloved pets count on us to keep them healthy! Luckily Florida veterinary clinics, like DPC Veterinary Hospital in Davie, provide easy to administer prevention to keep your animals safe! When choosing what preventive medications would be best suited for your pet you need to take a couple factors into consideration. Are you looking to prevent Heartworm as well as fleas in the same product? Does your pet do better with topical or oral medications? If you are unsure, talk to a Florida veterinarian and discuss options that will work best for you and your pet.

Reputable Heartworm Prevention Medications available at Most Florida Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals 

It is important to buy pet medications through a reputable source, like your trusted veterinary hospital to ensure the quality and safety of the product you are purchasing. When you buy your prevention from a veterinarian you are covered in the unlikely event the pet comes down with Heartworms.  If you buy your prevention online there is no such coverage. Since no medicine is 100% effective it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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