Why Florida Pet Owners Need to Have Their Pets Spay & Neutered

Pet overpopulation is a huge ongoing issue in South Florida, as many as 45,000 pets are euthanized in Broward county each year and 65,000 in Dade County. Most of these animals are puppies and kittens, and many are pure breeds. There are simply not enough homes for all these animals. This is why spaying and neutering is so important, it is the only way to stop pet overpopulation .

Besides pet overpopulation there are numerous benefits to spaying and neutering your pets that range from behavioral to health. Neutering your male dogs and cats can result in many positive changes; they will be less likely to mark their territory, and they will also become less aggressive. Their chances of getting testicular cancer, perennial tumors and enlarged prostate glands are significantly reduced. Spaying your female dogs and cats will drastically reduce the risk of your pet getting breast and uterine cancer, along with uterine infections. Female dogs will no longer go into heat, male dogs will stay closer to home and not have the urge to run every time the door is opened. We can prevent so many life threatening illnesses and save lots of money on vet bills if we simply spayed and neutered our pets at a young age.

Look for Low Cost Spay and Neuter Packages in Davie

Spaying and neutering your pets does not have to be a financial burden. DPC Veterinary Hospital in Davie, Florida offers low cost spay/neuter packages for your dogs neutering and cats spraying because they understand the importance of having your pet fixed. This simple procedure will provide a life- long benefit to your pet and prevent health problems in the future.

Packages Should Include Dog & Cat Neutering, Vaccinations & More

Many Veterinarians, like DPC Hospital Veterinarians, urge pet owners to get their pets fixed as early as four months of age. Animal hospitals, such as DPC Veterinary Hospital in Hollywood, FL, offer Spay/Neuter pet packages which include vaccinations, a comprehensive exam, rabies vaccine, micro-chipping, spay/neuter, and more. This will assure that your pets are completely protected against many life threatening viruses and diseases.

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